TFTP Signs-Off for the Week: Sign-Offs Through the Years - 1992 (KAPP/Yakima, WA)

Posted to YouTube by user 'VHSgoodiesWA3'
Length - 8:26

Each Friday afternoon, TFTP signs-off for the week with a classic station sign-off sequence for your enjoyment and to bid farewell until Monday...

And throughout 2018, we are featuring "Sign-Offs Through the Years", as we go year-by-year with each successive week.

This sign-off from 1992 and Yakima, Washington, ABC affiliate KAPP begins with a local ad for Barrett-Martin Chiropractic ("Get Going Again") and the last moments of an episode of "The Rush Limbaugh Show". Additional ads (compiled from a series of commercial breaks) appear for National Review magazine, local car dealership Valley Toyota, Walt Disney's World on Ice, and Pay Less Drug Stores. Then there's an ownership/technical voiceover on a series of images from around KAPP's technical facilities (satellite earth stations, transmitter towers, and the like). The sequence closes with a national anthem-like film, but with an instrumental rendition of "America the Beautiful" as the music.

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