TFTP Signs-Off for the Week: Sign-Offs Through the Years - 1991 (WENH/Durham, NH)

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Length - 8:52

Each Friday afternoon, TFTP signs-off for the week with a classic station sign-off sequence for your enjoyment and to bid farewell until Monday...

And throughout 2018, we are featuring "Sign-Offs Through the Years", as we go year-by-year with each successive week.

This 1991 sign-off is from New Hampshire public TV station WENH, which was and is the flagship in the New Hampshire public television state network. It begins with the last couple of minutes of that night's episode of "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour", which was and is the flagship news program for PBS (now under the name PBS NewsHour). A program promo for "The American Experience" precedes a "Star Hustler" segment with Jack Horkheimer, which is followed by a promo for an airing of the classic Christmas film "It's a Wonderful Life". A voiceover promoting upcoming programming comes next, after which is an ownership/technical voiceover that, curiously, includes a slide with a graph of the different revenue sources that WENH relies on as a public TV station.

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